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Grandstream GXW4248 - 48 FXS, SIP
Grandstream GXW4248 - 48 FXS, SIP
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NEC AP300 DECT baza - mogućnost do 25 slušalica, 11 istovremenih poziva

6.367,00Kn + PDV

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NEC -ov na IP-u osnovan bežični sustav osigurava visok stupanj usluga, na koje su korisnici već navikli; a to su vrhunska kakvoća zvuka, bežična posredovanja komunikacija među stanicama te siguran radio posrednik. AP300 DECT dostupne točke je radio bazna stanica koje su direktno preko LAN-a povezane sa komunikacijskim serverom zbog toga posebno kabliranje nije uopće više potrebno. Širok izbor DECT terminala, od jednostavnih do industrijskih modela, zadovoljava sve moguće potrebe. Business Mobility IP DECT spaja se direktno na IP mrežu i može se koristiti na NEC sistemima, ali i na PBX platformama drugih proizvođača (Asterisk, Cisco, Nortel...) putem SIP sučelja.


  • PoE adapter, single port 
  • Mains Cable 2.5m Int
  • G72 (G.729 Add on Card)
  • DAP Controller 5.x - NEC CD ROM - 1 je obavezan po sistemu
  • SIP PARI Lic. - IP DECT - 1 je obavezan po sistemu


Business Mobility IP DECT provides on-site wireless telephony in a unique solution that combines the benefits of IP technology with the superior quality and facilities of DECT. The IP DECT AP300 Access Points connect directly to the IP network and can be used on both NEC platforms as well as on different brand PBX platforms with a SIP interface.
IP telephony enhanced with wireless telephony IP DECT provides wireless telephony in a single converged network that can be used for both fixed and wireless telephony. The IP DECT infrastructure provides the following features:

  •  DECT on top of IP and SIP based communication platforms
  •  Access Points connect directly to the IP network
  •  Support of 11 simultaneous calls per AP300
  •  Support of DECT compatible handsets
  •  Power over Ethernet (IEEE802.3af)
  •  Optional G.729 compression with add-on board
  •  Crystal clear speech, roaming and seamless handover
  •  Secure voice communication through DECT authentication and encryption
  • Support of Short Messaging (LRMS) up to 160 characters
  • Scalable solution up to 750 APs in one network and in combination with existing AP200 series APs
  • Main and branch office support over LAN/WAN improving the overall business efficiency from single office environments to a campus or even metropolitan area
  • Easy maintenance: downloadable software and web based tooling
  • Increased reachability and productivity of employees
  • Easy deployment and installation: plug and play
  • Cost savings on infrastructure and cellular use
  • All the voice quality, security, availability and feature transparency of DECT

At a Glance Business

  • Access Points connect directly to IP network
  • Crystal clear speech and seamless handover
  • Full security and speech encryption
  • Scalable up to 750 APs in one network
  • Easy to deploy, install and maintain
  • Open SIP interface to various PBX platforms
  • Can be combined with AP200 APs in existing systems
  • Mountable on wall and ceiling

IP DECT architecture
An AP300 based IP DECT configuration can consist of AP300 series Access Points (the system may also include AP200 series
APs), IP DECT system software (release 5), DAP manager software,a DMLS open interface for messaging and DECT handsets.  The AP300 APs connect to the IP network and form a DECT system that provides peer to peer IP communication between AP300 features
DECT handsets and other VoIP users. The connection between AP300s and the host PBX is using either a dedicated IP protocol or a SIP interface. As such, it truly integrates with the host PBX  system. With the SIP support (SIP DECT) of AP300, the IP DECT system can be linked to any certified SIP based host PBX system.

The features provided will depend on the level of SIP interworking. The IP network can be one single converged voice/data network or a dedicated network. An Access Point provides 12 DECT channels and supports up to 11 simultaneous calls. One channel is used for signalling between the Access Points. An IP DECT configuration can also support other applications such as voice mail, web-based telephony, central directory, and messaging. A DAP Manager is required for installation, maintenance, subscription, wide area roaming, and messaging. In most configurations the DAP Manager is not required for operational use. AP300 series consists of the following models: AP300 for all IP DECT and SIP DECT applications, AP300E to connect external directional antennas and a special version AP300C for NEC
SMB platforms. An external housing comes with the AP300E for outdoor use, as well as to protect the external antenna.


  • Standard: internal omni-directional antenna
  • Optional: external antenna (only on AP300E)

Call handling features

  • Crystal clear speech
  • Central Directory support 1)
  • CLIP and name display
  • DTMF and call progress tones
  • Enquiry
  • Overlap Sending
  • Conferencing
  • Multiple call Appearance (2nd call)
  • Seamless integration with features of PBX platform 1)


  • Channels: 12 channels providing max. 11 simultaneous calls per AP300 2)
  • Maximum number of DECT Access Points is 750
  • Maximum number of extensions is 18750 (this number is restricted by the maximum number of extensions supported by the host PBX system


  • Very compact unit (less than A5 size) with flexible antenna positioning

Localization Support

  • Supported frequency bands: EMEA, US, Latin America, Thailand 3)
  • AP300 is available for EMEA, US and Canada, Latin America, Australia and specific Far East markets
  • A dedicated AP300 configuration is available for Cruise Line ships that need the frequency band to be switched from EMEA to North American band (based on GPS position)


  • DAP Manager runs on a standard Windows PC, can run in parallel with other applications
  • DAP Manager is not required for daily use, unless support of wide area roaming or messaging is required.


  • Messaging (LRMS) support
  • Message broadcast support 1)
  • Maximum message length support: 160 characters 4)
  • Message waiting indication


  • Supports DECT compatible handsets
  • Full non-blind slot radio
  • Roaming and seamless handover
  • Location detection 1)

Multi-site support (Main and branch offices)

  • AP300 can be used in main and branch offices
  • DAP manager is required for wide area roaming
  • AP300s in a DECT location are part of the same multi-cast group in the LAN
  • Branch and main offices form one combined DECT system
  • For use in WAN no multi-cast is required

Network aspects

  • Connects directly to Local Area Network Ethernet
  • 10/100 Mbits Ethernet interface
  • Multicast
  • Support of G.711
  • Support of G.729AB compression (with G7A add-on board)

Power Supply

  • Power over Ethernet (PoE) according to 802.3af


  • Secure DECT authentication on all channels


  • Simple plug and play installation
  • Software upgrading of handsets via air interface 5)
  • Software downloading of AP via a central location
  • LED status indicator

SIP Protocol Support

  • AP300 supports SIP protocol (See also the SIP Protocol Support table)
  • The AP300 adds DECT mobility to a SIP enabled PBX (See also the paragraph on PBX platform compatibility)


  • Synchronization requires 1 channel

User interface

  • Web access (via DAP Manager) 
  • Directly from DAP Manager application PC

1) Features depend on the capabilities of the PBX and IP DECT system.
2) Flexible assignment of 2 ..12 channels via licenses when AP300 connected with iS3000 through iTMP protocol.
3) EMEA DECT frequency band is supported in most Asian markets as well.
4) The maximum number of characters depends on the PBX platform and application used for messaging.
5) See DECT handset datasheets for support of software upgrading through the air.


  • 146x174x43 mm (wxhxd) including antenna part mounted horizontally) (in case the antenna part is mounted vertically 146x147x69 mm)


  • 302 gram (AP300E 306 gram)


  • ABS/polycarbonate

Protection (classification)

  • IP40

Power Supply

  • Power over Ethernet (PoE): 36-57 V over spare wire pairs and phantom feed: IEEE802.3af (Class 0)

Colour and Finishing

  • Housing: white (RAL9010), antenna part light grey (RAL7035)

 Network interface

  • Network: 10/100BASE-T IEEE802.3
  • Connector: 8-pin RJ45
  • Cable: Cat. 5 UTP or better
  • IP version: 4, DHCP, TFTP
  • QoS: IEEE802.1Q, 802.1p
  • DiffServ: Yes
  • Audio algorithms:
  • - G.711
  • - G.729AB (AP300 and AP300E: plus G7A board)
  • DTMF generation: H.245
  • Multicast: RFC1112

Air interface

  • Audio algorithm: G.726
  • Full non-blind slot DECT RF part: according to EN301406
  • RF output: 10mW average per channel at antenna connection
  • Sensitivity: typical -90 dBm measured at antenna connection at BER=0.001
  • Antenna: Dual omni-directional internal antennas
  • Typical range:
  • - Indoor:20 – 50 m 6)
  • - Outdoor: 300 m 6)

6) The radio coverage of DECT equipment depends on the environment and presence of obstacles.

 PC Operating System/browser

  • Windows 2000 Server or Professional SP4 or higher
  • Windows 2003 Server SP2 or higher
  • Windows XP Professional SP2 or higher
  • Browser: Internet Explorer 6.0, 7.0 or 8.0

Required PC Hardware

  • CPU: Minimum 2.4 GHz
  • RAM: Minimum 256 Mb


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